Absolutely love this picture! But little do you know, we had to hike down this crazy little path that we probably shouldn’t have. Imagine me, in a short little dress and flip flops, trying to hold my camera in one hand and climbing through the weeds just to get to this view. But man was it worth it. The water was so cold but perfectly clear. If you ever get a chance, make sure to visit Rainbow Falls! 


unnamed-1.jpgIf you’ve never been to New Orleans, you need to go. The city is beautiful and the history and culture is undeniable. But no matter what you do, there is one place you have to go. Cafe du Monde. The most amazing little place that serves the world’s greatest treat. Beignets! I can’t even describe the warm, gooey, sweet little treat. You just have to try it for yourself. And here’s a tip- don’t wear black. The powder sugar will leave its mark on your tastebuds AND your clothes! 



Earlier this month, I was able to pick up a trip to Washington D.C. for 31 hours and I was incredibly lucky to have my dad come with me. We have always wanted to plan a trip to D.C. but we just haven’t had the time in our crazy busy schedules to make it work. Well let me just tell you we made every second of the 31 hour trip worth the wait. We walked over six miles through the heat and humidity (that humidity is INSANE!) to visit as many monuments and museums as we possibly could. The very first stop was of course the Washington Monument. I never realized just how tall it was. I could have spent my entire day there just watching planes come in for landing at IAD. My feet are blistered, but my heart is full. I had an amazing day and can’t wait to share all the amazing pictures with you all!