Just last week, I was lucky enough to work a trip with 24 hours in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was even luckier because my brother Travis decided to come with me.

We had such an amazing time, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. After working a red eye from San Francisco, we took a nap for a couple hours and then hit the town. Literally. We walked over ELEVEN miles just exploring downtown New Orleans. We walked around the entire Mercedes Benz Superdome (you don’t quite realize how big it is until you try taking a picture next to it- I look like an ant!) and the Smoothie King Center. We enjoyed beignets on the Mississippi River and did some shopping at an outlet mall. We walked through the French Quarter and of course Bourbon Street. 

Being from California, we don’t have too much history. So I always enjoy getting to travel to the South and the East coast and getting to experience the US history that we have. Just  getting to look at all of the beautiful architecture was worth it. But getting to spend time with my brother was truly special. It was the first of hopefully many trips of just us kids. I can’t wait until we have all of our siblings with us for another adventure. Check back next week to see some of the great pictures we took in New Orleans! 


When I was told I was working a flight to Singapore, I completely lost it. I have only worked domestic flights since I started flying, and didn’t really have a desire to work international flights just due to the length of flight time and not enough time in a new country. But I had no choice but to work this trip. Work had called me at 5:30pm and told me I needed to be at the airport by 9:30pm. Only four hour notice to prepare to fly across the world. I had been up since 5:30am and I was going to have to be up for another 20 hours. I knew very little of Singapore and had no idea what to expect. It was all so overwhelming in that moment, that I just broke down. I spent the four hours before I had to be at the airport in various states of crying, trying to pack, calling friends and family asking for advice, and convincing myself that I could do it. Now let me tell you, when I cry, I CRY. Like full on sobbing, can’t catch my breath, shaking uncontrollably, crying. It’s quite a scene. But somehow I managed to pull myself together just in time to walk on that plane and do my absolute best for 16 hours. Part of me still can’t believe I did it.

I have to thank my family and friends from the bottom of my heart for being there for me, encouraging me with words of wisdom, and praying for me throughout my trip. I don’t believe I could have gotten on that plane without all of you. Thank you! 


As a flight attendant, you have to be prepared for anything. But let me tell you, I was NOT   prepared for this. Work called me at 5pm for an 11pm flight to SINGAPORE! (For the record, I’ve never worked an international flight.) After being awake for more than 35 hours and having several panic attacks, I made it! 16 hour flight, working a plane I’ve never been on, to a country I’ve never been to, and I didn’t know a single person. I know now that I can handle much more than I think I can. Can’t wait to share all the pictures I took- here’s a sneak peek! IMG_9966.JPG



Just how lucky am I? This is my office. This is my view. Every single day. Sometimes I forget just how truly lucky I am to have the job that I have. I feel so blessed to be flying all over the world with the most amazing people. 


In just a couple hours, I will be off on a new adventure! (Or by the time this posts, I might already be flying.) My friends and I have been planning a vacation but it’s taken a little time to figure out WHERE exactly. Being a flight attendant who gets to travel on standby, sometimes our plans change by the hour based on flights and our days off. Thank goodness for other people taking control and organizing it all! All I’ve been told is that we are going somewhere tropical that starts with the letter H. I am honestly so excited for this trip. I need some time away to relax and truly enjoy the amazing people I’m with. Any ideas on where I’m going?? 


Just two weeks ago, I was able to work a trip that had me spend 20 hours in Hawaii. What a terrible job I have, right? Most flight attendants based out of San Francisco do work to all of the Hawaiian islands. Unfortunately, I haven’t had such luck until recently. 

There are trips that consist of working to an island, let’s say Maui, and then work back. We don’t spend the night, we don’t sit in the airport for a couple hours, we don’t even get off the plane. We head straight back to San Francisco and we’re done with that trip. Now, it sounds terrible (and trust me, it is!) but this trip, what we call a “turn”, is worth a lot of money and allows you to be back at home the same day. Since I started flying, I’ve only worked these turns to Hawaii, I haven’t gotten to spend the night. 

A couple months ago, I was given a 9 hour layover in Honolulu. NINE HOURS. I didn’t even get to see the sun while I was there. So I’ve been dying for a trip where I could actually spend some time on the beach, and it finally happened! 

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning just to walk down the beach and watch the sunrise. Now let me tell you, it was so worth it! I can’t wait to share the pictures, here’s a sneak peek!IMG_9058.jpg


I’ve been flying for almost two years, and I’ve started to notice a trend when it comes to what passengers wear when traveling. 

  • Your body DOES expand in the air- so wear clothes that will expand with you. Your body bloats when you travel. It’s not pretty, not fun, and the last thing you want to do is arrive at your destination feeling like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka. Trust me: I’ve gotten to my hotel, changed into a bikini, and had those indents from my skinny jeans running down my legs for HOURS! I recommend wearing leggings for the stretchy waistband, a flowy/loose top, and a cute sweater to keep you warm. Don’t forget a super practical and adorable cross body purse, it’s small enough to put into your carryon bag (if you’re bringing more than one) but functional enough to hold your phone, passport, headphones, and lipgloss.
  • The plane gets cold, and I’m not just talking like a little chilly. Just because you’re flying to the warm weather, doesn’t mean the plane is going to be warm. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen flying to Los Angeles or Miami wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. But that same person asks me not 15 minutes into the flight for a blanket because they’re too cold. Honey, do you not realize that we are traveling 35,000 feet in the air going 500+ mph? It is -30 degrees outside! Seriously. So if you’re naturally cold, wear layers like a scarf and a jacket. If you’re naturally warm, still wear pants and a long sleeve. 
  • High heels? Really, ladies? I have to wear high heels for my job, but even I change into flat shoes when I’m in the air. High heels may look cute, and trust me- they ARE cute! But they’re just such a hassle. Having to take them off and put them back on through security is annoying. And having to run through the airport to make it to your flight on time in 4 inch heels? No thank you! I know packing the heels will make your suitcase a little bit heavier, but it’ll be so much easier to travel in flats or your workout shoes. And more comfortable! Remember, the bloating thing? It applies to your feet too. Sorry!
  • Don’t roll out of bed and jump on the plane. I know that flights can leave incredibly early and your first instinct is to just throw your hair up, put on a hoodie, and splash some water on your face. Resist that temptation. You will thank yourself later for getting up 30 minutes earlier when you land and you’re ready to start your vacation. You never know who you’re going to see in the airport or who’s going to sit next to you on the plane. I’m not saying you should look like you’re going the Grammys, but brushing your hair is a good start. If I have an early flight, I have a quick 15 minute routine to get ready: tinted BB cream, eyeliner, either a slicked back bun or a cute hat, and a quick spritz of perfume. Enough to make you look (and feel!)  presentable to meet anyone, but casual enough for you to still get some sleep before your early flight.
  • Wear your heaviest clothes to avoid overweight baggage fees. If you’re traveling for more than a week, or you know that your bag is borderline too heavy, consider wearing your heaviest clothes aka those knee high boots. When I travel, I always wear my heaviest jacket, scarf, sweater, bulkiest shoes, etc. on the plane so I can fit more into my bag and not worry about the weight. If you get too hot on the plane, you can always throw your jacket on top of your bag. Your wallet will thank you, some airlines charge up to $50 to check a bag and an additional $50 if it’s overweight. And if you think you can just bring your heavy bag as a carry on and avoid the fees, remember you have to lift it and put it in the overhead compartment. Not to mention, drag it around the airport with you.

These are just a couple tips for traveling, hope this helps you all on your next adventure!