I named my blog Stuck on the Kitchen Floor over three years ago now. When I came up with the name, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was depressed, broken, hurt, and just overall not happy with my life and the person I had become. I wanted to use my blog as a way to express the pain I was feeling, channel my energy into something better, and to grow as an individual. Almost 4 years have passed, and I am proud to say that this blog, amongst other things, have done exactly that. I am in a much different place than I was back then. I have grown, found myself, and finally feeling happy. 

I’ve also fallen in love with blogging. Writing my feelings and experiences out for others to read, to share my photography from my traveling, and just putting out positive energy has given me a purpose I didn’t know I needed. I’d like to use my blog more for personal, positive context and to eventually have a bigger audience. 

In order to work on this next project, this turning point for myself and my blog, I need to make a name change. Stuck on the Kitchen Floor just doesn’t reflect this point in my life anymore. I will always have rough times, but I’m no longer stuck. I’m growing, moving, and traveling. I need a new name. 

Any suggestions? I’d like to create a new blog name (but not a new blog!) that reflects my travel adventures, my photography, and my life with my fiancé in Wisconsin. Help me out! 



I know I’ve been slacking when it comes to writing posts regularly. Life has just been so darn crazy lately, and I just realized I haven’t even explained the main reason why! It’s so exciting- are you ready for it? 


That’s right! My fiancé and I finally agreed on a house and bought it! I’ll admit, I was the one that was super picky, she liked just about every house we saw. It took us a little while, but it really was quite drama free when it came to closing on this house. It’s a beautiful ranch style house on the end of cul-de-sac, and we are in love! Took us 2 months, but the walls are painted, cabinets and doors are repainted, framing is done, and the new floors are put in! I will be the first one to say, my fiancé did all of the hard work. I mean ALL of the hard work. She somehow managed to work at home for 4-6 hours each day, painting, sanding, etc. and then went to work all night! I truly don’t know how she did it, but I am so impressed and appreciative of her. 

The house looks amazing, and as Chip and Joanna would say- she’s passed the baton to me! Now it’s my turn to find the furniture and other pieces for our new home. I’m still just so in shock every time I see the house- it’s really ours! 

I don’t have many pictures yet, but once I do- I promise you’ll be seeing them up here on the blog. But, if you follow me on Instagram you can see some before & after pictures on there- go check it out! 



I was working a trip this week, and it somehow fell apart! If you’re not familiar with flight attendant schedules or legalities, let me explain. I can only work for a certain amount of hours per day (for safety reasons), and if a flight gets delayed, or cancelled, or there’s bad weather somewhere, my entire trip can change based on the needs of the company and how long I’ve already been working for the day.

I was supposed to go to Fort Myers, Florida but my plane was over 3 hours delayed in Newark, New Jersey. When I called scheduling to have my trip changed, they gave me 24 hours in Manhattan before I had to go back to work! Hotel and transportation included. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I WAS?! 

The first time I went to NYC, I was definitely hesitant to get out on the streets and explore by myself. But not this time! All I had were ripped jeans, a tank top, and flip flops (I was supposed to be in Florida, remember?) but that didn’t stop me! There I was, typical California girl wandering through Midtown in flip flops. But I didn’t care! 

I got up early, threw my Florida clothes on, and headed out into the concrete jungle. I walked through a part of Central Park, stopping at the zoo along the way. Walked past Rockefeller Center, the NBC studios, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I wish I could have done more, but I only had limited time because I needed to get back to the hotel for a quick nap before I worked that afternoon. 

The funny thing is, I used to be the type of person that HATED change. Okay, I still don’t like change. But this time, it worked out. This change was much better- and I completely enjoyed myself. I can’t wait to go back to New York City, I’m already starting to plan my next trip. I can’t wait to share the pictures I took!