Take the time to thank a veteran today. As civilians, we don’t quite realize the everyday sacrifices they have made to keep us safe. They move their families to different parts of the world for long periods of time, they will always look over their shoulders when walking down the street, they know things that the government will not share with the public, and they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect those that will never thank them or appreciate what they have done. Every position in the military plays a crucial role in keeping us safe. From the nurses, to the mechanics, to the military police, to the grocer on base, to the front lines- they are all keeping us safe. They have all put themselves in harm’s way to help protect the United States. Regardless of where you stand with politics, you wouldn’t be able to have an opinion without our veterans. So if you know a veteran, see a veteran walking down the street, or even have one as a friend on Facebook, please thank them. They deserve to be thanked every single day, but please make sure to express your gratitude today. 

Thank you to every single veteran. Thank you to their families for standing by them, supporting them, loving them, and sacrificing their time with them. Without them, I would not be able to sleep peacefully each night. I’m so thankful to have our veterans and our military keeping us safe. Thank you. 


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