The other day after I paid for gas and was walking out to my car, this is what I hear: 

“Hey pretty girl.” 

There I was, minding my own business, and some guy felt the need to step into my personal bubble, lean down into my face, and say those words. 

“Hey pretty girl.”

Where should I start with this one? Hmm, let’s start off with the fact that I am a woman. A young woman, but a woman nonetheless. I have a full-time job, a 401k, I pay my taxes, and I open doors for myself. I don’t ask my parents if I can go to the movies with my friends, I don’t ask for an allowance, and I certainly don’t wear training bras. I’m not a girl. Do I still eat Lunchables sometimes? Yes. But that’s because I choose what I eat, not because that’s what my parents packed in my lunch. I am a woman. Please do not call me a girl, especially if you’re trying to get my attention in anyway. 

“Hey pretty girl.” 

Do you really think the gas station is the place to hit on someone? Gas stations are not a destination, they’re not glamorous, and people don’t spend more than 5 minutes of their time there. It’s a get in, do what you need to do, and get out type of place. Let me just say this: there is nothing romantic about a gas station. So let’s not try to make it one. 

“Hey pretty girl.”

If you want to get a woman’s attention, let’s change up the lines a little bit. Ask how her day is going, open up the door for her, offer to pump her gas if you must say something at the gas station. Talk with her about politics, the latest news, ask her if she’s seen the latest movie! But don’t expect her to continue a conversation after “Hey pretty girl”. You’re the one that noticed her, that reached out to her, you have to actually start off the conversation. Hey pretty girl is just the same as hi. Switch it up, stimulate her mind, don’t just compliment her face. 

“Hey pretty girl.”

I will always accept a genuine compliment. When someone stops you on the street to tell you they love your shoes, or your perfume, that takes guts! It’s not an everyday occurance that someone works up the courage to go out of their way and compliment you on something personal. Have you ever given a stranger a compliment and just watched the way their face lights up? It’s a wonderful feeling. But knowing that it was a completely innocent compliment, they don’t want anything in return, that’s what makes it special. Compliments are dimmed when they’re used to get something, to further themselves into a line of position. Especially when you’re hitting on someone. Don’t just use a generic “compliment”, actually say how you feel. Try “Wow, I think you are stunning. I hope you have a great day.” instead. You might be surprised with the reaction. 

Let’s try to stay away from the short, shallow compliments. 

“Hey pretty girl.”


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