Woohoo!!! I made it through summer flying!

Now, for those not involved with commercial aviation, or commercial traveling, let me just tell you: summer flying is the worst. Just the absolute worst. Well, almost worse than holiday traveling during Christmas and winter break. But that’s a whole different story! 

During the summer, from June to September, EVERYONE travels. EVERYONE. And for good reason, there’s so many events in the summer- graduations, great weather, parties, holidays, vacations, etc. But as a flight attendant, it’s not my favorite time of year to work. 

During the untraditional traveling times of the year, most passengers are traveling for business, the occasional vacation or significant event, or just a quick trip to a new city. But those passengers are more experienced. They know what to expect- the long lines for security, the prices for food in the airport, the delays for maintenance or weather, the inconsistency of Wifi/entertainment on the plane, and the different procedures for checking bags, changing seats, etc. 

But during the summer most passengers aren’t as accustomed to the typical challenges of traveling. They only travel once or twice a year, and when they do travel- they expect everything to be perfect. They freak out when flights are delayed- which yes, I understand. But I’m not the one that made the flight delayed, so don’t take it out on me! I just pour the Coke. Or they lose it when they’re not all sitting together and with little kids, completely reasonable. But when it’s you and your two friends, you should have made sure your seats were together when you purchased the tickets. Once again, I have nothing to do with seat assignments, my job is to point out the exits and hand out pretzels. 

All I’m saying is that I am so thankful that summer flying is over! I made it through, and it’s time to relax just a little before holiday flying and the madness begins all over again! 



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