I’ve spent the past twenty four years of my life taking care and loving others. I’ve tried so very hard to keep everyone happy, to never disappoint those closest to me. I’d do anything for my loved ones, and I’d put myself through anything so they would be happy and safe. But I’ve finally realized that I have been doing it at my own expense. 

When it comes to the relationships in my life, I have always put the other person first. I wanted to make them proud, always keep a smile on my face, and felt the need to prove that I was worthy of their time and love. I was so focused on proving my worthiness, that I forgot to determine if they were worthy of MY time and love. 

It’s taken me way too long to understand my worth, to see my potential, and to know that I deserve to have supportive, ambitious, caring people in my life. I allowed too many people to take up too much of my time when they shouldn’t have been in my life. I learned lessons, had my feelings hurt too many times, and lost my self worth along the way. It won’t be easy, but I’m trying to gain my self confidence back. I’m starting by changing the way I see myself, and to remember to love myself first. 


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