What was your childhood dream? For me, it was to be a teacher. Well that was my more realistic childhood dream. Of course I wanted to be a singer. I swore up and down that I would do whatever it took, I’d take as many classes as I needed, I would be a singer. I’d be famous. I’d go on tour, I’d have several albums, and everyone would want my autograph. But everyone dreamt of stuff like that, right?

Some people wanted to become famous athletes, some wanted to be astronauts or fire-fighters. But when did life knock us down and make us give up on our dreams? Or was it ever really our dream? What if our ideas of being superstars, law enforcement officers, and athletes were forced upon us because those were the first type of jobs that we ever experienced? Think about it. You saw the superstars either on TV, in the movies, on the radio, and they looked so glamourous. You saw police officers and fire-fighters everyday on the streets, or handing out sticker badges at fairs and school events. Athletes are constantly idolized for their talent on the field and on TV. What if we had been introduced to scientists, doctors, engineers at a young age? Would our dreams have changed? Where would be now as a society if we always had the goal of becoming a Nobel Peace Prize winner instead of a Grammy Award winner? Don’t take this wrong, I know it takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to become a Grammy Award winner, I’m not knocking any of them down. But I wonder where we’d be with research, with a way of life, if we had focused on realistic dreams?


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