I’ve finally realized what the hardest part about being an adult is. No, it’s not paying bills,  actually eating your vegetables, falling asleep on the couch and not magically being transported to your bed, and it’s not even the making your own doctor’s appointments part. It’s the fact that we no longer get a summer vacation. 

Growing up, you always looked forward to summertime. No school, no bed time, you got to spend all day with your friends, you could sleep in as long as you’d like. And if you were lucky, you went on a family vacation somewhere awesome! But when you’re an adult, or at least when you graduate school, it all stops. All of a sudden everyone expects you to work ALL THE TIME. Fourth of July, you’re working. Your annual neighborhood BBQ? Forget it, you have to work. Your family wants to go camping next weekend, sorry you can’t go because guess what, you’re working. 

It’s especially hard when you’re the oldest, or you have younger siblings that still get a summer break. Summer is when parents normally plan vacations or fun activities to do during the day. But when you’re an adult, you don’t get to just drop your plans and go do something fun. You don’t even get to sleep in longer! 

Now don’t think that this is just a negative post filled of complaints about how much being an adult sucks. Sometimes, summer can be even better when you’re an adult. Want to guess why? No rules. No parents telling you to be home by 11pm. You can have two popsicles and some goldfish for dinner because you don’t feel like turning on the oven if you want. Too hot in your room to sleep in pajamas? Sleep naked, your mom won’t walk in! You want to go to that party with the friends your parents didn’t always approve of? Go for it, live it up! You’ll have a nasty hangover in the morning, but who cares?! Get that urge to go on a spontaneous road trip? Jump in your car and go! No need to ask for permission, it’s your life. You might be tired for work the next day, but living life and enjoying the moments are worth way more than a few more dollars in your bank account. Don’t get me wrong- don’t quit your job to enjoy the summer. But also don’t be afraid to sacrifice a little bit of cash to create a couple more memories. All I’m saying, summer comes once a year. The weather is amazing, the possibilities are endless, and maybe (just maybe) summer is better as an adult. 


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