Sometimes life just gets too hard. You think everything is going good, you think you’re doing better, you think that maybe you won’t fall down and get hurt again. But you do. And when you do, it hurts worse than the last time because you knew better this time around. You thought you had learned from your past. You tried to protect yourself, and instead blindly walked another situation where you weren’t in control, and let yourself get hurt. How do you protect yourself again? How do you make it so you can’t get hurt ever again? Shut yourself down. Build a wall so high that no one can get in. It hurts knowing that you’re giving up, but it doesn’t hurt as bad as it would if somebody broke through the wall and crushed you. Maybe one day someone will be willing to slowly climb that wall, and work their way to your heart with only good intentions. But until that day, you cannot give someone all of you. Giving someone your heart gives them the opportunity to hurt you over and over again while you just sit there and hope that it’ll be different. It’s not easy, being the princess in the tallest tower guarded by the fire-breathing dragon. But it’s easier than continuing to be hurt by every soldier that comes along. Maybe one day it’ll be worth it. Maybe one day someone will see how amazing you really are, and they’ll do anything to be with you and make you smile. Maybe one day someone will finally see your worth. But until then, build that wall. 


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