1. I’ve played the piano since I was five years old.
  2. I’m terrified of spiders, bees, and octopuses.
  3. I was once grounded from reading because I was caught reading books at 2 in the morning on a school night. Just couldn’t wait for the ending!
  4. I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t plan on getting any. 
  5. I hate sauce. Tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, apple sauce, gross! I order my pizzas without sauce.
  6. A poem I wrote in the third grade was published in a book.
  7. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  8. I’m the oldest of five. I have three brothers and a sister. They are my entire world. 
  9. My party trick? I can wiggle my ears.
  10. I love taking pictures of the sunset.
  11. My first job was at Starbucks. Ironic part is that I don’t drink coffee.
  12. I am very proud to say that my phone has never died. I always have a charger or a portable battery with me.
  13. I can’t sleep without my pillow that I’ve had since I was a baby. If my house was a fire and I could only grab two things- one would be my pillow.
  14. I’ve watched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I’m obsessed!
  15. I love baking! Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, fudge, you name it!
  16. I’m terrible when it comes to art. I can’t even draw stick figures.
  17. Tulips are my favorite flowers. 
  18. I can cry at just about anything. Happy ending in a movie, sad commercial, birthday cards, cute videos on Facebook, even books.
  19. I’m the girliest girl in the world, but I love football. Always have, always will.
  20. I’m always cold. I sleep with four blankets and a space heater.

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