I am so excited! I am headed to Geneva, Switzerland! Just because! I have an entire month off of work, and I have decided to spend it traveling the world. What better way to enjoy my vacation than to jump on a plane, and go to a country I’ve never been to? 

I’m currently on hour 5 of 8 on this flight from IAD (Washington D.C.) to GVA (Geneva, Switzerland) and I just could not be more spoiled! Not only was I upgraded to a lie flat seat, I’ve been sipping on mimosas all flight, lying back with Saks Fifth Avenue blankets and pillows, and eating ice cream with M&Ms. 

This is honestly the perfect way to start off my new year. I haven’t ever traveled to another country without my family, or as an adult for that matter. I’ve really needed to get away and just explore, so why not Geneva? Switzerland is supposed to be one of the most happy countries, with kind people and the BEST chocolate in the entire world (obviously!). 

I can’t wait to show you all my adventure! 


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