You know all those yummy looking Facebook tutorials on “easy” desserts or meals? Well, the other day my dad and I tried making caramel apple pops. They looked so easy to make! All you needed to do was cut out little balls of apple, dip them in caramel, and then choose toppings like pretzels, almonds, Oreos, whatever you wanted. Super easy, didn’t need to bake anything besides melting the caramel, it should have been a piece of cake. Right?

Not easy. Not simple. That caramel melted right off the apple no matter how quickly we stuck it in the refrigerator or the freezer. We would even let the caramel cool as much as possible before dipping in the apple. And nothing worked! That caramel just slid right off- every single time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

After two apples, two bags of caramel, and much frustration- we gave up. The problem was that the caramel only sticks to the apple skin, which was only on a portion of the apple balls we cut out. So we were stuck with melted caramel and crushed up almonds. What were we gonna do? 

We ended up just eating almond covered caramel. All night long. I could have been upset and disappointed, I could have written a mean comment on the Facebook video. But it ended up being a fun night, laughing at our mistakes and eating caramel with my dad. Making caramel apple pops would have been neat, but creating another fun memory with my dad was so much better. Sometimes you just have to see the bright (or yummy!) side of things! 



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