You know all those yummy looking Facebook tutorials on “easy” desserts or meals? Well, the other day my dad and I tried making caramel apple pops. They looked so easy to make! All you needed to do was cut out little balls of apple, dip them in caramel, and then choose toppings like pretzels, almonds, Oreos, whatever you wanted. Super easy, didn’t need to bake anything besides melting the caramel, it should have been a piece of cake. Right?

Not easy. Not simple. That caramel melted right off the apple no matter how quickly we stuck it in the refrigerator or the freezer. We would even let the caramel cool as much as possible before dipping in the apple. And nothing worked! That caramel just slid right off- every single time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

After two apples, two bags of caramel, and much frustration- we gave up. The problem was that the caramel only sticks to the apple skin, which was only on a portion of the apple balls we cut out. So we were stuck with melted caramel and crushed up almonds. What were we gonna do? 

We ended up just eating almond covered caramel. All night long. I could have been upset and disappointed, I could have written a mean comment on the Facebook video. But it ended up being a fun night, laughing at our mistakes and eating caramel with my dad. Making caramel apple pops would have been neat, but creating another fun memory with my dad was so much better. Sometimes you just have to see the bright (or yummy!) side of things! 



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A few months ago, I read an article on BuzzFeed about Kristen Bell describing what it’s like to live with anxiety and depression. Hearing from someone that the entire world knows, someone you’ve seen in movies and TV shows (obsessed with her new show, The Good Place!), someone that you think has everything, is suffering and living with the same anxiety that I am.. it helps make you feel understood. Other people have anxiety, other people have fears just like you. The way she’s not ashamed to admit that she’s taking medication for anxiety and depression truly helps me, especially since I’ve doing the researching to find what may work for me. 

Take a look at the article, or the full video on the link below!

Kristen Bell Talks About Anxiety and Depression





Today is the day. The United States of America will elect a new president. I am not here to talk politics, I’m not going divulge if I voted and whom I may have voted for. This is not the place. But, today is a day that will go down in history. A new president will be elected. I’ve had time to think about today. About what it means for the past, the present, and the future. And to be completely honest, I have no idea what that entails.

What I do know is that I recently visited a national monument in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Fort McHenry.

Not many know the significance of Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key was returning by ship and saw the battered American flag waving through the fog. He knew Baltimore had survived the British attack, and he was inspired to write the national anthem. 

 People don’t realize the battles that everyone is going through. How someone can be standing next to you with a smile on their face, and you would have no idea that they went through something tragic just the night before. Francis Scott Key saw something beautiful in the tattered flag, and we need to see something beautiful in each other. We’re all going our own battles. But just like Fort McHenry, we’re still standing. We may have been beaten, we may be hurt, we may have holes in our hearts, and are barely hanging by a thread, but we’re still standing. We’re still here.