Just the other weekend, I was given a trip to Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve been to Boston before, but I was getting to stay in the city for 28 hours! I don’t know anyone in the city, and I just don’t feel 100% comfortable walking through a new city alone. So I invited my dad! He was able to get on my flight from San Francisco to Boston and stayed with me in my hotel. Home run! (Pun intended.) Neither of us had been to Fenway, and honestly I was so excited. Just walking to the field, there was an indescribable energy and camaraderie. I’m not a Red Sox fan, I don’t really even have a favorite baseball team. But I love watching sports and spending time with my dad. Now let me tell you about the food. Amazing! I love stadium food, the greasier and unhealthier the better. (I rather die happy than healthy- don’t judge!) Normally I stick to the typical- hot dog, chips, soda, and popcorn. If I’m feeling really hungry, I’ll splurge for a pretzel. But Fenway, oh man I just couldn’t decide. There were burgers, chicken tenders, pizza, cheesesteak, clam chowder, lobster rolls, everything you can imagine! And all of it was so good! Granted, I didn’t eat everything. But it smelled delicious. 

Sometimes I get caught up in the fast paced lifestyle and I’m just stressed and tired. But I really do need to remember to stop and enjoy the benefits of my job. My dad got to fly to Boston, FOR FREE, and go to Fenway Park with me. How lucky am I?! And it was all possible because of my job, because of my company. I can’t thank my company enough for giving me the opportunity to go to Fenway Park, to spend time with my dad, to travel the world, and I’m getting paid to do it! I’m just so lucky. IMG_6784.jpg


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