It’s crazy to believe I started flying over 9 months ago. (I think its’s been 9 months, I’ve lost all sense of time with this job!) I’ve travelled all over the United States, met some amazing and truly wonderful people, and have gotten paid to do it! What could be any better?

With my company, flight attendants are on probation for their first eight months. After going through five weeks of training, we still don’t feel secure with our jobs. Being on probation was probably the most stressful situation. If I missed a phone call, if I was late, if I was sick and couldn’t work, if a passenger or another flight attendant wrote me up for doing something wrong, I could be fired. Just that simple, one mistake and you’re out. I have a few friends who unfortunately did get fired unnecessarily for something so small just because they were on probation. It was ridiculous. 

About two months after I started flying, I developed ear block. As a kid, I used to describe it as if someone had put mashed potatoes in my ears and I couldn’t get them out. (Which is so weird because I hate mashed potatoes, and why would I ever imagine someone putting them in my ears?!) If you’ve ever flown and your ears feel all blocked and it hurts while you’re landing- that’s ear block.  Everybody has experienced it at some point. Ear block and flying is extremely dangerous because you can end up rupturing your ear drums and could potentially become partially deaf. After going to my doctor, I had to have surgery where an ENT specialist put tubes in my ears to prevent my ears from blocking while I’m flying. The procedure was extremely simple, and I was able to return to flying just a day later. I am so thankful that my supervisor was understanding and only wrote me a warning for missing a couple days of work, and I was able to keep my job. 

Ever since then, I knew that I was just one mistake away from losing this incredible opportunity. I’ve worked my butt off and had many sleepless nights to work some terrible some amazing trips the past seven months and I can officially say, I AM OFF OF PROBATION!!!!! I’m free! Not really, but I feel less stressed. I take my job seriously, and I’m proud of myself for making it through probation and staying focused on the end goal. There were some times where I wanted to quit, where I was just so exhausted and couldn’t imagine putting on my panty hose and high heels and serving Diet Coke, but I did it. 

I would not have been able to make it through probation without the help and support of my family and loved ones. Thank you to you all for understanding my insane schedule, helping me stay awake at all hours of the day, adjusting to me being away for days on end, and just loving me and supporting my career. 

Now let’s travel the world and have some fun!