Today I had the extreme honor and pleasure of working with an ALL FEMALE crew from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Do you know just how rare it is in the airline industry to not only have a female first officer but also a female captain?! Only 6% of the working pilots today are women. 

Only 6%. Isn’t that a little too low?

Working with this crew really opened my eyes. Women need to step it up. We should not be afraid to go after our goals or to push ourselves because it’s considered to be a “man’s job”. I’ve never thought of becoming a pilot, but working with the most amazing two ladies in the flight deck (yes- it’s called a flight deck and not a cock pit anymore) has inspired me! Why not? Why not try it?

Okay I know why I’m not going to try it. I can’t afford to go to regular college let alone to be certified to be a commercial pilot. But still! 

We need to get out of our heads for a few minutes and really consider everything. We can be anything we want to be. We can do whatever we want to do. We are smart. We are strong. We are beautiful (duh). We are capable. We can do ANYTHING. 

These women inspired me today and now I am challenging you to find your inspiration. Find what will make you get up early in the morning, find what will push you through the hard times.

Inspire yourself and inspire the ladies around you. 


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