Being inspired by my last post to celebrate every tiny victory, I decided to share how I overcame this past weekend. 

I was having a hard time with my emotions, I felt myself breaking down and not wanting to talk to anyone. I had to work a trip to Vancouver, Canada with a long layover, and I just didn’t know if I could make it through the day. 

I had planned on getting to my hotel and hiding out from the world, having a dark day. But the amazing crew I was working with was having NONE OF THAT! They helped me pull myself together for the flight and then took me out for the rest of the day in Vancouver. We explored the city, the bars (just had the most DELICIOUS sangria ever- I’ll  be posting soon), and overall had a really nice time just laughing and exploring the city. 

I made it through the day. 

I thank my two new friends for helping me find the light in the dark day that I was having. Without them, I might not have made it through. 

That was my tiny victory for the weekend. What was yours? 


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