So much has gone on in the past couple months of my life and instead of writing post after post, I am going to try to catch you up now.

I went through five weeks of the most INTENSE training to become a flight attendant for a major airline here in the United States and was originally based in Los Angeles. After spending my first month flying all over the US and spending the nights in LA either in my car or a hotel room with a close friend, I finally decided to transfer back home to San Francisco. Here I am, month three and thankfully living back at home with my dad. The job has been so incredibly fun and incredibly frustrating all at the same time. I’m sure more posts will be about my job and I’ll make sure to have a dedicated post for the torture of training I went through.

The other new thing in my life this year is a new relationship. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in a relationship, and I can truly say I have never been with someone as breathtaking as she is. She is the most amazing, kind, hilarious woman I have ever met. We have so much in common and yet are complete polar opposites. More details to come about her. I’m not quite comfortable releasing her name (or the names of my family members) but I’ll call her GQ for now. She is so supportive with everything I do and understands that my past has molded me to be who I am today. Even though times can be tough and I know I’m extremely flawed, she cares for me as if I’m flawless. I couldn’t possible ask for anything more. All I can say is she makes me so incredibly happy.

I’ve decided to cut out some negativity in my life. Or at least put it up on a very very high shelf that I only have to pull down a couple times a year. I’m trying to be as positive as I can. It might not always work, and I know I will still have bad and dark days, but I know that I am doing better right now.


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