I’ve been through so much the past four years and I’ve been meaning to do this for so long, I just haven’t ever forced myself to do it. So here it goes.

Here’s a little background information.

My name is Victoria and I am twenty two years old. Raised in Northern California, oldest of five children, and just stuck trying to figure out who the hell I am, what I want to be, and what kind of impression I want to leave on the world. My parents were never together, my mom married when I was young and had four children (WARNING: they’re the loves of my lives- you’ll hear about them probably every post so if you don’t like funny kid stories, sorry not sorry), and I’m the only child with my dad. I’ve moved all over the Bay Area, but never left home except for three semesters of college in the state of Washington. I didn’t finish school, part of me wants to go back, the other part just worries I won’t be able to finish. (More details to come, every part of my life has some crazy story.) I’m athletic in the I-can-talk-about-sports-go-to-games-wear-the-jerseys kind of way. I used to run track in high school (400m if anyone is that curious). Pretty much the basics about me for now, trust me you’ll learn every little bit of me when I’m finished with this blog.

My goals for this blog is to just express myself and my everyday struggles. You’ll see that I like to call my life  joke (phrase stolen from the amazing and beautiful college roommate Sammy), every day is a joke when you think something so simple would be easy. My life has proven that nothing is easy, and I’m finally starting to figure that out. I do believe I have depression, but I rather not see a doctor or go to a therapist. I want to overcome depression my own way, through writing this blog and hopefully helping someone in any way I can. I’ve always been the kind of person to have an epiphany as I’m writing, hopefully this will be my own form of therapy. Maybe life is not about where you go, but the journey it took for you to get there. So if you’re still reading this, be patient with me. Some days may be good, some may be bad, and some days may just be funny. Who knows. But I hope you enjoy the ride!


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